pregnant packing hospital bag

What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag for a Natural Birth

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There are so many great items to pack in a hospital bag for a natural birth that it can be overwhelming and really easy to over-pack. I’ve had three un-medicated births. The first was sort of on accident. I was young and didn’t know what to expect. My labor progressed so fast that I didn’t even have time for an epidural, which I am so thankful for to this day. After that experience I was confident enough in myself to know I didn’t need pain medication during labor and I’ve compiled a list of alternative items to bring to the hospital.

pregnant packing hospital bag

I’m not a big fan of hospitals and want to spend as little time in them as possible. Actually, I’ve only been in them to give birth. They provide you with everything you NEED but they don’t make me feel much at home since they are lacking in anything natural and comfy. I don’t agree with antibacterial soap, toxic shampoos and fluoridated water. The worst part would be the food. Most of the food items I’ve eaten at a hospital were worse than fast food. Unfortunately, after giving birth most hospitals keep you a minimum of 24 hours, even if there were no complications. Therefore, you will want to be somewhat prepared.

Here are the items I found the most useful for my recent birth.

  • Comfy clothes and slippers – I always get cold so the slippers are nice to wear even in bed.
  • A take home outfit for baby – This is always so fun to chose!
  • Baby car seat – That’s a no brainer!
  • Your own blanket and pillow – Definitely a must!
  • Labor or calming music – This helped in the early stages of labor for me.
  • Essential oils – My faves are lavender and peppermint. You can smell them right out of the bottle or put them on a cloth and into a ziploc bag.
  • Lip Balm – This is a must! You will be very thirsty during and after labor. I recommend one with peppermint.
  • A copy of your birth plan and other important papers. Here was my birth plan.
  • Your favorite tea – I brought the rest of my morning sickness tea from Earth Mama Angel Baby because it has some great soothing herbs that are perfect for any time of the day.
  • Snack bars – My favorite are Kind bars and Go Macro.
  • Coconut water and/or Labor-aid – I didn’t drink too much of the labor-aid before or during labor but it really helped after when I was super thirsty.
  • Natural Diapers and cream – If you are like me and don’t want pampers touching your baby’s precious skin then I suggest you bring your own. I brought a pack of Seventh Generation. We finished the pack at home and then I transitioned over to cloth. I made some homemade diaper cream with coconut oil and cocoa butter too.
  • After-Ease Tincture – I got it on Amazon. This stuff is pretty awesome. It helped to minimize those after birth pains that can be nearly as painful as labor.
  • Sitz Herbs – These help aid healing. You can pre-make the tea to spray on while at the hospital or just make a nice sitz bath with them at home.
  • Bottom Spray – I made a simple spray with witch hazel, aloe, water and peppermint essential oil. It helps with the pain and aids in healing. It’s great for your whole bottom. It was a total life saver at the hospital.
  • Mama Bottom Balm – I used the one from Earth Mama Angel Baby at the hospital and when I got home. It’s awesome!

I hope these suggestions are helpful for you. Am I missing anything that you found super helpful? What did you pack or plan to pack in your bag?

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Some of my posts contain affiliate links. If you click on one I will get a small commission to help support my blog. I only recommend products I have personally used or believe will be helpful. You will not pay more for the product.

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