Eco-Friendly Easter Basket Ideas

Eco-Friendly Easter Basket Ideas

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Eco-Friendly Easter Basket Ideas

Easter, just like Christmas, isn’t all about what we get… but we know that’s what our kids are looking forward to and so do the candy companies. The seasonal section of the stores are usually filled with GMO laden junk candy and cheap plastic toys this time of year. If you are sick of those options, as I am, then look no further. These eco-friendly Easter basket ideas will help you reduce your carbon foot print and make your kids happy at the same time. Sometimes it takes a little creativity but you will find that it’s easy and fun.

Eco-Friendly Easter Basket

To make an eco-friendly Easter basket there are many aspects you will want to consider. Ask yourself these questions.

  1. Am I buying something unnecessary just to have a present for the holidays?
  2. Is this safe for my child to play with or consume?
  3. Was this made in the US or under fair labor laws?
  4. Is it certified organic or non-GMO?

When in doubt, stick with the 3 R’s; Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Add handmade to the list and you are on the road to being more eco-friendly.

The Basket

Sadly plastic baskets or buckets are popular to used for Easter instead of the ones made of natural fiber. I’m not sure why because the wicker type ones are so much prettier! We reuse ours year after year. I’ve also seen them at second hand stores and even garage sales.

*If you are going to replace your plastic one don’t forget to recycle.

The Grass

Again we reuse our paper grass year after year. I absolutely hate the plastic stuff and I don’t even know why they make it. It seems really unsafe to me, maybe because my cat would try to eat it. That’s also why I stopped using tinsel.

Some other great alternatives are:

  • Straw
  • Homemade shredded paper
  • Playsilks
  • Fabric scraps
  • Small towels
  • Cloth diapers
  • Clothes

The possibilities seem almost endless. You just wants something soft and colorful to put at the bottom of the basket. You can even let your kids decide what they want so they can customize their basket.

The Easter Eggs

The morning egg hunt is definitely a tradition in our house. Actually, both Grandma’s insist on having one as well. To have an eco-friendly Easter you will want to start by using recycled plastic or plant based eggs for your Easter egg hunt. But what do you fill them with? We use either money (coins like quarters and dimes) or organic jelly beans. Too bad commercial jelly beans are full of artificial flavors and colors. I won’t allow those in out house and always throw away the ones my kids bring home from school. My boys totally understand and are more than happy to exchange them for the Surf Sweets Jelly Beans.

Some other great treats you can include in the basket:

*Don’t forget about hand dying eggs. Here is an easy way to dye Easter eggs naturally.

Easter Gifts

Now comes the fun part. There are so many things you can fill your eco-friendly easter basket with. Think spring, outdoors and gardening.

  • Homemade Playdough or the pre-made stuff from Eco-Kids
  • Painted wooden eggs
  • Books
  • Art supplies
  • Organic seeds (fruits, veggies, flowers, herbs)
  • Gardening Supplies
  • Recycled toys like; Green Toys or Replay
  • Recycled tableware
  • Papercrafts like origami
  • Stainless steel tableware
  • A Sili Squeeze
  • An eco-friendly toothbrush
  • A stainless steel water bottle
  • A recycled hiking backpack
  • A bug catcher
  • A butterfly kit
  • A kite

Again, so many possibilities. I enjoy using this opportunity to buy my kids things they need, serve a purpose or would be helpful in getting them outside.

Do you have any eco-friendly Easter basket tips or ideas?

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  1. Wonderful ideas! When we dye eggs, we use onion skins, etc. We use the Easter basket my husband had throughout his childhood.

  2. commercial jelly beans taste yummy, but they are sure awful for you. I had to laugh today at hte store. A package of brach’s jelly beans said that they were made with wholesome ingredients. Lol. What is wholesome about corn syrup and yellow 5?

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