prefold cloth diaper

Cloth-eez Cotton Prefold Cloth Diaper Review

prefold cloth diaper
Medium Red Edge Prefolds

Prefolds are one of the simplest ways to cloth diaper your child if you know how to use them. I didn’t dive into the world of cloth until my first son was over 9 months old. I tried my hand at prefolds and covers but had some issues. I bought them too large, I didn’t fold them properly and I tried using pins. Let’s just say it didn’t last long. We used cloth trainers with him and I swore to try cloth again with our next child.

I did lots of research and decided to use mostly pockets because prefolds still seemed a little daunting. I enjoyed the pockets for awhile but I started having issues with stink and discovered that microfiber is known to do that and is completely synthetic. It’s made of plastic! I was trying to be eco-friendly and that didn’t seem very eco-friendly to me. There are many different types of cloth diaper material to choose from. So through trial and error I had come to the conclusion that I wanted to use mostly natural fibers (at least for the absorbent parts of the diaper). I couldn’t afford to switch everything over though, so I just bought some cotton flats to use as inserts in the pockets. I loved the results.

With the newest addition to the family (5 years later) I wanted to use all natural fibers against her precious skin (cotton, bamboo, hemp, wool) and decided to give prefolds a try again. I wish I had known these awesome tips when I first started! I bought 24 newborn organic cloth-eez prefolds from Green Mountain Diapers. I love that store! Later I purchased 12 medium organic cloth-eez prefolds because I liked them so much. I was even able to use many of the old pockets I had as covers. Today I’m going to tell you what I think of these cloth-ezz prefolds and how to use them.

prefold cloth diaper
Newborn Orange Edge Prefolds

The newborn prefolds were great for my daughter who was 7lbs 1oz when she was born. We did the pad fold with them inside our newborn and size 1 covers. I was able to use those alone in a cover until she was about 2 months old. Her pee seemed to soak through super fast by that time so I included a doubler or extra insert for absorbency and was able to continue using them exclusively for another month. I still throw them in a diaper when I’m in a pinch and she is almost 6 months old. I decided not to sell my newborn prefolds because the shipping pricing just doesn’t make it worth it for me or the buyer. I have found many other ways to use old prefold diapers, including; a spit-up cloth, a tissue, a changing pad and a cleaning cloth (the list goes on).

On the size chart for the Green Mountain Diapers Prefolds (at bottom of page), they state the newborn size will fit around 6-10 lbs or 0-6 weeks and the medium size will fit around 12-29 lbs or 4-20 months. I decided to skip the small prefolds to save money. I didn’t mind the extra bulk. At about 3 months I started putting her in medium prefolds. They are still too large even now to do the pad fold on her but they fold up nicely with a snappi. There are many different fun ways to fold a prefold. Lately I’ve been doing a jelly roll by rolling the side in and folding down the front like this.

prefold cloth diaper

As you can see they have a wide range of sizes and you can size up if you don’t mind the bulk for a little while as your child grows into them. Then you can get more for your money.

prefold cloth diaper
This is a pad fold

Organic Cotton

I chose organic cotton because pesticide use and GMO’s are a huge factor in my purchasing decisions. Both are used in conventionally grown cotton. Plus, the organic cotton is also unbleached.


These are great quality and have held up through many many washes. They are well sewn and super soft. Every once and awhile GMD does a seconds sale, so they adhere to strict guidelines for the quality of their diapers. If there is any off stitching or even a stain they are not sold at full price. I feel that these are well worth their price!

prefold cloth diaper

Prefold Tips

  • When using a prefold you can extend it’s length of usage depending on how you fold it. There are many ways to fold a prefold but my favorite are the jelly roll, bikini twist and pad fold.
  • It’s better to size up than down as long as you know how to properly fold them. Try all the different folds to see which one words best for you and your baby.
  • Try a snappi! Some people still prefer the old pins, and that is totally fine, but if you don’t like the idea of using them don’t give up just yet. The snappi is super easy to use.
  • When folding the prefold and using a snappi you will want a cover that is wide at the hips. I can vouch for Bum Genius Flip covers, Thirsties sized covers, Disana Wool covers and Babee Greens Snap Wool covers. The only ones I know of that don’t work well are Softbums diapers. I use these with a pad fold only.
  • If your baby isn’t on solids yet you will want a good fold that contains the liquidy poop and/or a properly fitted cover. The jelly roll seems to work best for me. That’s why it has become a favorite of mine. I also make sure the cover fits snuggly on the legs as my second line of defense in case it blows out of the prefold. If you have lots of covers the pad fold is still very doable with a good fit. I did the pad fold a lot with my newborn because it made changes quick and easy.
  • Prep all natural fibers by washing and drying them several times. If you don’t the liquids will roll right off and cause leaks.
  • You can line dry prefolds to extend their life but they will be stiff. To solve this you can throw them in the dryer for a little when they are done to fluff them up.

I highly recommend the Cloth-eez Cotton Prefold Cloth Diaper, even for a beginner. Green Mountain Diapers are the only sellers of Cloth-eez diapers. They are a small company with a personal touch so go over there to check them out and try them for yourself!

Have you tried GMD prefolds? What are your thoughts?

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