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Let’s Make Healthy Food Accessible to All : Thrive Market SNAP Petition

I love shopping on and use it regularly. I understand how hard it is to get healthy food locally. I have to drive an hour from my home to get organic and non-gmo products. Hence, I only get to go grocery shopping once a month. It isn’t too bad over the summer because I join a local CSA and get organic produce. The winters are pretty rough though because the roads can be unpredictable. I pack my boy’s lunches for school during the week so having easy and healthy food on hand is a must. I’m thankful I have online options like Thrive. Unfortunately, many can’t use online shopping because you can’t use SNAP benefits online. Thrive has started a petition for this cause. Sign the petition today!

In America, 46.5 million people rely on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)—formerly known as the food stamp program—to help them afford groceries.


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