Newborn Baby

My Birth Story

Even when you’re having your third child, pregnancy and labor are full of unexpected events. There is so much unknown especially in those last few weeks of pregnancy, no matter how seasoned you are. When I went into labor with Baby B I wasn’t sure it was real labor. You would think after having two other children I would know the difference. I had been having very frequent and sometimes painful contractions for over a week. Some nights they were so close together I thought I might fall asleep and wake up in full labor. My husband was a wreck because he was so worried about me. Neither of us wanted to rush everyone to the hospital but we knew we needed to plan ahead because we lived over a half an hour away. My hospital bag was packed and it included items for everyone in the family. So, when my contractions started to get really regular for a couple hours, I just had this feeling they weren’t stopping this time and we called the midwife. It was October 13th (Thursday). I sat on my birthing ball and bounced around. We told our two older boys (almost 8 and 5) that the baby may be coming. It was around 6 when we called family and packed up to go. On the way there I felt fine between contractions and second guessed myself several times until the next contraction came. Then I knew it was for real!

We got to the hospital around 7 and I was able to sit on a birthing ball there. I was still talking and breathing normal through my contractions. My mother and mother-in-law came. When the contractions got stronger I had the Moms take our boys into the waiting room. The next few hours were a sort of blur. I was able to take a hot shower but I was still in so much pain. I was at the point of screaming during each contraction. Contraction pain is so immense you should pass out but the adrenaline coursing through your body wont allow it. It is a necessary evil… I felt the urge to push sometime before 10 and got back to the bed. I was determined to not give birth on my back like my two before but I almost couldn’t get in another position. I decided to turn on my side. I remember screaming “Just get her out!” and “Never again!” to my husband. He stood there holding my hand through most of it. With only a few pushes my baby girl literally just slide out at 10:11 pm. I couldn’t believe how quick she came out. I remember pushing for well over an hour with both my boys (while on my back). The contractions were definitely the most painful part. Pushing hurt a bit but it was so quick, it was almost nothing compared to those contractions.

Newborn Baby

It was such a relief when they laid her on my chest. They even left her connected to the umbilical cord until it stopped pulsating. Sigh of relief. Too bad it isn’t over at that point. There are several things that aren’t talked about much after giving birth. The first one is the shakes. I’m pretty sure that’s because you are still pumped with adrenaline and it takes hours to wear off. I didn’t sleep all night, although my baby girl did. The second, are the after birth contractions as your uterus shrinks back to size. These get significantly more painful with each child you have. It was awful! They offered me some pain meds and I took a very minimal dose a couple times because it was so bad. Thankfully I bought this After-Ease Tincture and brought it with me. I was taking that every hour, at least.

My baby girl weighed 7lbs 1oz and slept so well for me. We stuck to my birth plan really well. She didn’t get any shots at the hospital and we declined the eye drops. I didn’t have any pain meds during labor and refused an IV in my arm. Her brothers got to come in and see her when she was only an hour old. We went home the next day. I had to stay a minimum of 24 hours so we left late that night because I couldn’t handle another overnight there in that bed with terrible food. We are so glad to be healthy and home! The midwife was awesome and so was the staff!

What was your birth like? Did you stick to your plan? If you are anticipating giving birth, what is your birth plan?

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