Birth Plan

My Birth Plan

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I would like to avoid an internal monitor, if possible

Anesthesia/Pain Relief
Please do not offer pain medication. I will ask for pain medication if I need it.

Tearing & Episiotomy
I would like to deliver in a position that helps avoid a tear (such as on all fours)

I want to be free to move or walk around
I would like to drink clear fluids instead of being hydrated through an IV

I do not want the amniotic membrane broken unless absolutely required

I would like to avoid a c-section, unless absolutely necessary

Delivery Aids
I’d like to use a squatting bar
I’d like to use a labor ball

Delivery Positions
I would like to try leaning over a chair or birthing ball

Umbilical Cord
I would like my partner to cut the umbilical cord
I would like to allow time for the umbilical cord to stop pulsating before it is cut so the baby gets all remaining cord blood

Soon After Delivery
I do not want baby to receive the hep b vaccine or vitamin k shot.
I do not want my baby bathed
I would like my baby placed on my chest right after delivery
I do not want baby to receive eye medication (newborn prophylactic)
I do not want to be separated from my baby during newborn procedures

I plan to breastfeed my baby exclusively

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