You Wouldn’t Poison Yourself so Why Poison Your Child?

Even though using organic baby products or even organic products for the whole family can be more expensive, your children and family are worth every penny. It will protect the ones you love from unexpected illness or skin irritations.

Having been in medical research, I know first hand the effects of chemicals, toxins and other products that we use on a daily basis, to our skin and bodies. We don’t realize that the skin is the largest organ of the body. The skin absorbs substances like a big sponge. The adorable clothing out there that we purchase for ourselves and our children have all these beautiful colors, however, we don’t stop to think what these are made from. Unfortunately the scary thing is that all these dyes have very bad chemicals in them, dioxin, formaldehyde, azo dyes and heavy metals such as alum, chromium, copper, iron, and tin.

“Dioxins and furans are some of the most toxic chemicals known to science. A draft report released for public comment in September 1994 by the US Environmental Protection Agency clearly describes dioxin as a serious public health threat.”

“Formaldehyde can be used for many purposes and is a popular chemical because of its low cost. It also is found in items such as dyes, textiles, plastics, paper products, fertilizer, and cosmetics.”

I have only addressed two of the many chemicals/toxins that are in dyes that we expose our skins to 24 hours a day. They say that it all depends on exposure. So if we expose our skin to clothing with all these dyes and chemicals that we wear 24 hours a day, I would surmise that we are at high risk to exposure, wouldn’t you? not only endeavors to provide affordable organic and eco- friendly products for babies and the whole family, but to provide informative information, topics, and ideas on how to move forward and make a difference. I am committed to saving the environment and providing the children today and the future, a healthier more sustainable, non toxic life. We wouldn’t consciously poison ourselves, so why would we do it to our children and babies?

Think about it!

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