Why Wearing Perfume Indoors Should Be Banned

You get up in the morning and start your daily routine. Maybe shower, shave and for many women apply make-up. When you’re almost done you apply the finishing touch before you walk out the door…perfume. You say to yourself “Now I smell like a fresh day and every man and woman will be happy with my scent”. Yes, I used to think like that. But within 30 minutes I would feel sick to my stomach and have a headache. I would need to change or take off the layers that had the perfume or body spray on it to find relief. Now I know better than to torture myself like that…

Hypnotic Poison

Toxic Ingredients

Most perfume and body sprays are made in a lab. They are full of toxic ingredients derived from petroleum. The smell of flowers or fresh rain is artificial. But that isn’t the worst part. Perfume companies not only want you to smell good. They want you to smell good ALL DAY. So, they add phthalates to the 1,000+ list of ingredients. Phthalates ensure the smell lasts a long time but at a price. A price these companies are willing to pay. Phthalates will mess with your hormones and every woman who has been pregnant (or man who stood by a pregnant woman) knows a change in hormones is not fun or easy. But these hormone changes are not natural as in pregnancy. They can wreak havoc on your body in unsuspecting ways.

I want to keep this simple so I will only mention one more strange chemical today that is worth mentioning, tributyltin (or TBT). TBT also disrupts hormones and has been found to affect metabolism. Yes, this chemical can make you FAT! Just like phthalates it can be found in more than just perfume; think shampoo, bodywash, plastic, paint and pretty much everything with a scent to it. Read more about TBT and obesogens here. Perfume companies are not required to list the ingredients due to trade secret and the ingredients are not well regulated.

Now imagine standing in the grocery store waiting to check out and the person in front of you lights up a cigarette. You stand there with your children trying to hold your breath fanning the smoke away from their little faces. You know every breath of it is toxic to their lungs. Thank goodness that will never happen because smoking inside is illegal…but wearing perfume isn’t. I feel as though I’m in a cloud of pink when I stand quietly behind an older woman who doused herself in perfume before leaving the house. I feel sick with every breath I take, half because I know what kind of toxins I’m breathing in (the other half because I’m overly sensitive to scents). Not everyone is as sensitive as me, so you may not actually “feel sick”, but trust me the chemicals in your body will affect you just the same. There is no escaping it. That’s why I think wearing perfume indoors should be banned.


Pheromones are natural scents that we create that cause a response or change in behavior to others of the same species. To a couple those pheromones are amazing but when perfume, deodorant and shampoo are used these pheromones can get covered up. To me it doesn’t make sense to cover something so natural and important for evolution.

“Processing chemosignals like pheromones has evolved in all animal phyla and thus is the oldest phylogenetic receptive system shared by all organisms including bacteria. It has been suggested that it serves survival by generating appropriate behavioral responses to the signals of threat, sex and dominance status among members of the same species.” (Wikipedia)

We aren’t meant to smell good to someone we shouldn’t “be with” so why do we try to please others of the same sex?


There is no doubt that humans have wanted to smell good throughout history. The only difference is they used natural scents that would have aroused or even calmed others. The scents came from plants and today you can buy them concentrated as essential oils. Some natural aphrodisiacs are:

  • Lavender
  • Lemon Balm
  • Myrrh
  • Sandlewood
  • Rose
  • Jasmine
  • Ylang Ylang
  • and much more…

Just like anything that is concentrated these need to be diluted and used carefully around children. Read more about essential oils and children here.

Please think twice before you cover yourself in perfume. You affect more than just yourself.

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