I want to be bacon when I grow up

Review: I Want To Be Bacon When I Grow Up!

I recently wrote a short post about the book I Want To Be Bacon When I Grow Up! This was before I had a chance to read the book. I liked the idea of the book but I am even more pleased now that I’ve had a chance to actually read it. Many people are leaving reviews based on the title but you really can’t read a book by its cover. The book isn’t meant to be that serious, it’s for kids! My boys (3 and 6) really enjoyed it.

I Want To Be Bacon When I Grow Up! is about a pig named Melvin who has dreams of making the world a better place by feeding people healthy delicious food. It’s actually quite a selfless act. Now, some may argue that bacon isn’t healthy but saturated fat is very healthy and crucial to brain development (as long as it comes from a healthy animal). Melvin goes on to explain that everything just tastes better with bacon and food should taste good. It is emphasized that the pigs on the farm eat healthy and so should you. The pictures are fun and colorful. The back of the book has a few games and silly bacon facts.

Overall I would recommend the book to any bacon lover. My 6 year old said “I want to read it again”. This book isn’t meant to change the world’s views and doesn’t go into huge detail about how animals are treated on a farm but it does present the pigs as happy and well fed, as they should be! I hope you do your research and remain conscience of where you source your pork. Be healthy and enjoy your bacon!

I got a kick out of watching this video of the author and illustrator talking about their book. Check it out!

Have you read I Want To Be Bacon When I Grow Up!? I would love to hear what you think. Leave a comment below or shoot me an email. If you haven’t read the book, then you should! Get it on Amazon.

Disclosure: I received this book for free in return for my review. I write this post with my honest opinions about the book and have not received any other compensation.

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