GMO’s: Safe or Not? {Infographic}

For many years there have been different types of food out on the market. There is natural foods, food altered using supplements, and genetically altered food. One of the most debated over topics in recent years is that of genetically altered food. People in the world ranging from scientists, to school teachers, to even unemployed parents worrying about their kids health from the food they are eating. So when you get right down to it, what is dangerous about Genetically Modified Food, or GMO’s? The following infographic will take a deep look into both sides of the debate on GMO, showing you an in-depth analysis of the pro’s and con’s of GMO. Like for instance; explaining what a Generically Modified Organism actually is, and when they were introduced into our food supply, as well as the percentages of certain chemicals being in certain plants. Did you know that 6 companies control almost 70% of the world pesticide market, and almost the entire GM seed market? These are interesting topics that you will find in the graphic below and there is plenty more. So take a look at the infographic, and decide for yourself whether GMO’s are safe or not.

(Click image to enlarge) GMO Pro’s and Con’s [ SOURCE: Carrington College – GMO Pro and Con ]

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