Healthy Easter Basket {Have an Artificial Free Easter}

We avoid artificial ingredients in this house. Most of the Easter candy at the store is anything but healthy. So, you have to get a little creative to make a healthy Easter basket and find some items that may not be with the rest of the “seasonal” goodies. It’s great that my children are like blank slates when it comes to holiday traditions. Its not that I don’t like the traditions I had while growing up. I am just tweaking them a bit to keep things in our house safe…naturally!


This is my 4 year old’s Healthy Easter basket this year. I have to say I am proud of myself for resisting the urge to get him loads of sweets from the huge display at my grocery store. It is considered the “norm” to give your child those things nowadays. Some people may think their kids are missing out on something. The only thing my little ones will miss out on are unhealthy chemicals. I think he will be very please with all the healthy goodies he gets this year.

I’m lucky I have such a great selection of health food at my grocery store! I filled the Easter basket with a few Annie’s products; cheddar bunnies, macaroni and cheese, Bernie O’s, and fruit snacks. I also found these organic gummy worms naturally colored and flavored with fruits. I threw in a yummy fruit flat and some organic raisins. Of course moderation is key. These may be natural but they still contain lots of sugar. As my son said this morning “sugar sometimes is good but not too much.” lol. I’ve taught him well.

Lastly, I got some candy coated chocolates from the bulk section of our Wegmans. They are just like M&M’s but better! No artificial colors or flavors. They taste different to me because I have eaten M&M’s too many times to count but to my 4 year old, they are all the same! Don’t forget to use paper grass in your Easter basket! It’s way better than the plastic stuff and at least it wont hurt my cat when he decides to eat some for a snack. ^o.o^ Silly cat.

Have an Artificial Free Easter!


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