Rock Your Inner Mama

Rock Your Inner Mama Review

Have you ever punished your child for doing the same thing you did? Have you ever completely lost your temper and did something you later regretted? By no means are you alone! We all do it! I was very fortunate to be able to try out this amazing CD by Rachel Sklar, called Rock Your Inner Mama. It was right at a time that I was questioning “What else can I possibly do to get my crazy four year old to listen to me?” Now I have a solution.

Rock Your Inner Mama

A few weeks ago I found myself raising my voice more and more. My oldest was acting out and mouthing off. Where did he learn how to talk like that? Silly me! I taught him that! I made a connection on Linkedin and was approached my Rachel Sklar, almost as if she knew I was having a dilemma. I knew something had to change so I gave this CD a try. Within the first few times of listening to it I changed my behavior. I thought differently about the situations. I was raising my voice less. I had come into a new understanding and in turn that has changed my child’s behavior. Who would have thought?

There are tracks for every part of the day and a variety of situations. The best part is that the tracks are not long. They average 5-10 minutes. That is more than enough time to stop and think about how your are acting and reacting! My favorite tracks are #4 At Your Wit’s End and #9 Me Time. Number 4 always brings me to tears…tears of overflowing emotion and it feels like such a relief.


With the sound of her voice and the soothing music in the background you can take yourself to a completely different place no matter where you are. I put them on my iPod and keep them handy.

About Rachel Sklar:

She is a certified parenting instructor and coach. She loves what she does and it very dedicated. She believes in empowering parents to do the best they can possibly do.

Experience and certifications:

  • PCI Certified Parent Coach® , Parent Coaching Institute, Seattle Pacific University
  • Certified Breakthrough Parenting® Coach, Breakthrough Parenting® , Inc
  • Self Expression and Leadership Coach, Landmark Education
  • National Association of Social Workers Award Recipient for research on the Effectiveness of Parent Education
  • Master’s in Social Work, Children and Family Services, UC Berkeley
  • B.A. Psychology, UC Santa Cruz
  • Background in foster care, adoption and donor insemination
  • Loving Mom to 2 of life’s best teachers

“Be the change you wish to see… in your children”

Without a doubt I recommend Rock Your Inner Mama to any parent. Download a copy at Via Parenting for only $20! Trust me, you’re worth it!

Connect with Rachel at Via Parenting on Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you Rachel for empowering me to do my best!

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