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How to Make Citrus Infused Vinegar – By Kristina Greene

I love using vinegar to clean my house.  It is inexpensive, antimicrobial and effective.  It is one of the most basic ingredients in lots of homemade cleaner recipes.
Many people, my husband included, do not like the smell of vinegar.  It doesn’t really bother me since it dissipates quickly.  I have tried masking the smell with essential oils.  It only works to a point.  Then I discovered Citrus Infused Vinegar.
By infusing the vinegar with citrus peels, the smell of the vinegar mellows and supposedly the peels add a boost of cleaning power.  As an added bonus, I can get extra use out of the peels before composting.  If you are just getting started making your own cleaners, this is a great, cheap way to start without investing in essential oils.
I have since made infused vinegar several times with oranges, lemons and grapefruit.  I am addicted!  I substitute one of these infused vinegars for the vinegar in any of the homemade cleaner recipes and skip the essential oils.
What You Need
Citrus peels – orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit, or a combination.  I save mine in the freezer until I have enough
Glass jar with lid – reuse an old spaghetti sauce jar
White distilled vinegar
1)Fill the jar with your peels, really stuff them in there, the more the better
2)Fill the jar with distilled vinegar
3)Let the jar sit for 1 – 2 weeks, gently shaking every once in a while.  It is done when you smell more fruit than vinegar
4)Strain the vinegar.
That is it!
Have you ever tried infusing vinegar?
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