Going Green 101

Going Green 101: Getting Started


First of all, congrats on planning to make a change in your life! Maybe you read or watched something that changed your point of view. Maybe you are having a baby and realized that this is the best you can do for them. Maybe you or a loved one has become sick and you are looking for something that is going to solve the problem and not just cover up the symptoms. Whatever it is, welcome! I hope that you find this series of posts informative and life changing. Please feel free to email me or leave a comment with any questions.

Why go green?

So, maybe you’re here because you’re just curious and you still aren’t convinced that a green lifestyle is a wise one… Well, using “greener” products is not only better for you and your family, it’s better for the environment. It will help preserve this earth for your children’s grand-children! It will help your family live a more healthy fulfilling life and trust me, you will be happier.

This really is the best thing you can do for yourself and your family! You don’t have to leap into dark water here. I will cover all the basics in the next few post and you can follow what you choose to follow. Making even a slight change is better then nothing at all. Companies will make products that they can sell. If we ask for better products then we will get them.

Let’s get started!

The most important thing to remember when converting to “greener” products, is to take it slow. Don’t run through the house chucking every toxic product in the garbage. I know it’s tempting but you want a new habit that you wont break. Converting to green is a never ending process of learning and discovery. I started four years ago and I am still learning something new every day.

What should I change first?

1. Let’s start with recycling and reusing. This is something you can add into your daily routine easily. Donate items instead of throwing them away. Start a compost if you can!

2. Try using less throw away paper products. Use washcloths instead of napkins and rags instead of paper towels. Store left overs in reusable containers instead of plastic bags. Get reusable shopping bags. My store sells them for $1 and they last years!

3. Watch what you start to bring into your home. Read all the labels and become familiar with the ingredients for both food and personal care products. Avoid unnecessary, toxic products like air fresheners.

What will this series cover?

Here is my general outline. I’m sure the list will grow in time. When I have written a new post you will find it here with a link. So bookmark this page and come back periodically.  All post that are part of this series will start with “Going Green 101”

Non-Toxic Cleaners

Shopping Choices and Reading Labels

Personal Care Products

Children’s Toys

Preparing for Baby

Cloth Diapers

Made in the USA


If there is something you would like to learn about that you don’t see here, then please comment below!


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I am a mother to three wonderful children. I love to read and write. I created this blog to share my experience and tips on trying to live a green lifestyle.

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  1. Going green will also usually save you money in the end too. I’m taking small steps to become more green. This past year I replaced dryer sheets with wool dryer balls and Swiffer throw away dusters withe micro fiber cloths that can be washed for starters. I plan on buying some cloth grocery bags and reduce the amount of plastic drink bottles we use.

  2. Going as green as we can has saved us lots of money over the years! Thanks for the additional tips to stay green I didn’t think of before. 🙂

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