Homemade Hand Sanitizer Recipe


Do you carry around hand sanitizer for everyday use? How about a bottle for the diaper bag or for your toddlers germy hands? Even if you tend to be a bit OCD, you can do it naturally! By making your own hand sanitizer you can avoid harsh chemicals and fragrances. Personally, the smell of commercial hand sanitizer makes me sick to my stomach. BLEH. So, I am happy to share this homemade hand sanitizer recipe! It is completely customizable and you can get the ingredients at the grocery store.Homemade Hand Sanitizer

Here is what you need:

2/3 cup of isopropyl alcohol
1/3 cup aloe
Tea Tree or Lavender Essential Oil (10-30 drops)
Old hand sanitizer bottle (optional, but using the right bottle ensures you wont squirt out too much)

The higher percentage of alcohol you have the better. I just used what I had on hand which was 70% but next time I will use the 91%. The less alcohol you have the more essential oil you should add. Commercial hand sanitizer kills 99.99% of bacteria and contains 60% alcohol. With this recipe alcohol isn’t the only thing killing the germs. There are many antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal essential oils. Also, keep in mind there are good bacteria on the skin that help fight off the bad stuff.

Other essential oils you can use:


Mix all the ingredients in the rinsed out bottle and you are all set to go! I keep mine in the diaper bag and I on the changing table. You can even refill a cute little travel size bottle. 🙂


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