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September is Car Seat Safety Month. You may be wondering how long your child should stay rear facing? Many parents turn their child around too soon. Here in the US is now recommended to keep them rear facing until they are at least two. We didn’t turn our son around until he turned three (30 lbs).

When a child is rear facing their head, neck and spine are all aligned. This helps support their fragile bodies in the event of a frontal crash. An infant’s spine does not harden until around the age of three. Until then is soft bone and cartilage that could easily rupture. A frontal accident will cause the child’s upper body to bend forward and cause major damage to the spine and neck.

Frontal crashes are much more likely to happen based on statistical studies. Forward facing children are 75% more likely to be injured.

The video below is from Norway where they recommend a child stays rear facing until they are four!

Make sure you read the instructions/manual and check the height and weight limit of your car seat. Every car seat is different. We have a convertible car seat. The manual said our child could stay rear facing as long as his head was at least one inch below the top and under 35 lbs. Although his legs were a bit squished against the back of the seat, we knew he was much safer.

Remember: an accident can happen even if you are five minutes from home!

baby on board

Be Safe and Good Luck!

Source: Car Seat Safety For Children Article

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