How to do a Home Skin Patch Test

How many people really do a home skin patch test? Not enough.
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It is very important to do a skin patch test on yourself with all bath and body items. You can be allergic to something even if it is 100% natural. You can’t always trust commercial products to be consistent either. Sometimes they will change the formula without notifying their customers. Also, if you have nut allergies, you need to be careful of a lot of common ingredients in lotions and creams (ex. Shea butter). So, save yourself from a bad rash and do this simple patch test.

STEP 1: Clean the inside of your wrist with soap and make sure it is dry. If you plan to get that area wet in the next 24 hours then try another area that won’t be disturbed (maybe your ankle).
STEP 2: Apply a small drop of the product. Let it soak in and air dry. You can lightly wrap gauze around it if you want to protect the area.
STEP 3: Check it periodically for redness. If redness occurs then gently wash the area immediately and be a happy you didn’t put it on your face first! If there is no sign of a rash when the 24 hours are up, then you are okay to go!
Wasn’t that easy?

Now, this is not as accurate of a patch test as they would do at a doctor’s office. But, this will help determine if you should rub something all over your face and body. If you do have an allergic reaction you will want to see a dermatologist right away. They can do more thorough tests and narrow it down to what might have caused that reaction. Then it will make it easier to avoid.

Good luck!


Have you ever had an allergic reaction?


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